Former Starcraft Developer Introduces New MOBA – Gigantic!

The tremendous success achieved by MOBA classmates DOTA 2 and League of Legends in the gaming industry today is starting to attract developers to follow similar steps. How come? With millions of gamers who are overcome and constantly tested both, MOBA also proves to be one of the free to play genres that adapt system microtransactions without problems. Gamers never mind pouring some money to buy items that only serve as cosmetics, resulting in a money cycle that continues to flow for developers. Many are flocking to participate in trying their luck here, even from developers like Crytek, Blizzard, and Projekt Red CD. And this time a dragon ball z dokkan battle hack game named – Gigantic was also officially introduced to the public. Deserved to be anticipated?

With so many MOBA games to be recognized, it must be subject to the dominance of DOTA 2 and League of Legends, a project that carries this genre is often seen with skeptical eyeglasses. But Gigantic itself shows an interesting potential to be tested. This game was developed by James Phinney – a former lead designer for big games like Starcraft, Guild Wars and State of Decay in the past, who are now struggling with the new studio – Motiga. Diriils as a free to play game, Gigantic will look different with most games that we know as MOBA so far and visit┬ádragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

This distinction is evident from the visual style of the Legend of Zelda: Wind of Waker is carried as the main theme, with the design of diverse characters whose appearance is adapted from the animal world. But the fundamental difference lies in the concept of his own battle. As the name implies, Gigantic will carry a battle between two large animals as the core of the game, and two 5-member teams have to fight to make sure the opponent’s beast is destroyed first. Instead of isometric, this MOBA will also carry third-person glasses, of course with various character classes and skills to choose from.

Gigantic itself is scheduled to be released in 2015, while exclusive to PC. Motiga itself has started to open the registration alpha. Looks really good!

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