Iron Man 2 Game Reviews

Kyle Brink, the creative director of Iron Man 2 feels that his first game did not give a too good impression. When the sequel has obtained permission to be made, it turns out he only has 14 months to finish it. In fact, a game for Xbox360 or PS3, usually takes about 24 to 36 months to complete. Despite having a less successful predecessor, but Brink is really trying to develop some things for this sequel.

One of the biggest changes given here lies in the way of control. Unlike its predecessor, NBA Live Mobile  has been trying to keep its control consistent between when you were flying or while you were on the ground. If there is a movement that can be done on land, then the movement should be done in the same way in the air. You can turn on or off your ability to float in space just by relying on the shoulder button.

This approach feels much more dramatic and makes this game easier, especially in terms of managing your attacks because you no longer need to deal with rotating cameras. All you need to do here is to enter the command button and automatically the game itself will run its command against your target.

You will have weapons on the left and right shoulders, both of which can be used only by relying on trigger buttons only. Button B here is used to bounce enemy attacks, such as hitting behind missiles fired at you. In the bottom right corner there is a radar that can help you to keep monitoring the circumstances around you. The threat to Iron Man will appear on the map in the form of a red dot and you will hear a loud warning sound when a missile is heading to your place.

The demos we see here have passed about halfway through the game itself and the game starts with a huge crab machine. This one robot called Arc Armiger and at that moment, he was attacking a vehicle called Helicarrier. Both the giant crab and the Helicarrier itself have a blood bar. If you act as a War Machine, your main task is to destroy the giant crab before it destroys the Helicarrier. This battle will also be one long fight, because indeed the giant crab is very difficult to be hurt. In addition, of course you will also deal with ordinary robots and in that moment too, you can train your skills and also reflexes and you can play NBA Live Mobile hack tool.

Another focus given to this game lies in its own diversity. Brink and his team intend to make each level feel different from the level that has been passed before. At the beginning, you will be asked to crawl through a corridor, make a flight for a few moments and definitely make a little bout by using stealth.

If Kotakers hopes not to watch a movie and just play the game can make you understand, then it is a big mistake. The reason is that the storyline in this game is completely unrelated to the movie, although in fact in terms of resemblance and sound are very similar. The result is a game that really follows the storyline in the book, which of course will be very welcomed by gamers.

In addition, you can also upgrade Tony Stark’s outfit using its own currency in this game. If usually you will find the money here, then this time you will not find it all. What you’ll find here is Field Data, which actually has the same functionality as money. This Data Field can later be developed as an example of a weapon or to open another type of ammunition. To enhance your weapon ability, you can also make your weapon into a custom weapon. At the beginning of the game, you will be treated to an updated version of Iron Man’s shirt on Tony Stark’s body, complete with changing weapons that will become unclear.

Brink said that to complete this game, it will take about 10-12 hours. The idea of ​​adding multiplayer functionality has been considered before, but unfortunately there is not enough time to implement these options in the very low time frame. So far, it is not known exactly how much diversity is shown in existing missions. But at a glance, this Iron Man 2 game has changed. Iron Man 2 will be coming soon in late April, a little earlier when compared to the movie version.

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