Revelation Online Review

On March 6th, the western version of Revelation Online has entered the open beta stage. Revelation Online is an MMORPG game developed by NetEase. A game that adopted the Action MMORPG theme such as Blade and Soul with a distinctive Chinese style bandage visible on the scenery.

Revelation Online is a fun 3D MMORPG game with awesome adventures, PVP modes, exciting dungeons, a variety of classes, and very detailed character customization. Let’s first see the open beta trailer Revelation Online. works with Pangu Creator Studio, releasing Revelation Online to create a western version. Revelation Online is an MMORPG game where players can explore the fantasy world called Nuanor. Similar to the earth Nuanor inhabited by humans, as well as there are many cultures of Asia and also Europe that merged into one. All that you can meet in this unique world. If seen the theme very similar to Blade & Soul, South Korean MMORPG game made by Clash Royale .

Well, server boxers in this western version of Revelation Online is divided into two regions, Europe and North America. There are three North American servers and five European servers. North American servers consist of Darkfall, Snowpine, and Muroc. While the European server consists of Moonsea, Tidewater, Corral, Sulan, and Karstwald. The personal KotGa crew advised you to play on the North American Snowpine server, on one side of the lower ping, the Indonesian player community was crowded there.

Character Creation

At the beginning of the game of course you must create a character first. You can choose one of the six classes available, Swordmage, Vanguard, Occultist, Gunslinger, Blademaster. And Spirit Shaper. The personal KotGa crew enjoys the character-making process of this game, with graphics that look pretty cool as well as highly detailed customization details making Clash Royale crew free to imagine.

Unfortunately, this game has not been fully translated in English by the developer, only about 85 percent. As we know on CBT1 to CBT3 this game has also not been translated. With future updates the developers promise to translate this game entirely into English. But do not worry ya Kotakers, languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat have not been translated is not too important really.

Game Start

To be honest, before you reach level 40 it’s all like a tutorial. You’ll just press the “F” key to interact and run a quest that also comes with a cut-scene. The quest will guide you into this game world story that is almost destroyed by years of incessant conflict. In addition, the quest at the beginning of the game will also teach you how to fight, find items, interact with other players, and enter the dungeon.

The Battle System

Those of you who are used to playing MMORPG games must be familiar with the game battle system with the genre. However, in Revelation Online you can use three modes of battle that you like, depending on your comfort. Three modes are keyboard mode, mouse mode, and action mode. Personal KotGa crews using Gunslinger class are more comfortable using action mode. But back again, it all depends on your comfort and get Astuce Clash Royale .

Skill on each job is divided into ordinary skill and special skill. Skill can be placed between mouse buttons, 1-5 and Q, E, R, T, G and F1 up to F6 keys. As KotGa crew mentioned above, during the fight you should get comfort as quickly as possible in order to quickly adapt. Class like Gunslinger must be very agile to use the skill while avoiding to keep the distance. Classes such as Ocultist must be agile in changing attack mode and healing mode. Each class has its own uniqueness in the fight.


This game has many unique features, you have the ability to use the wings and fly freely. In addition to wings, you can also have a ride to accompany your adventures. With a very wide map you can freely explore it with a ride mount, or fly freely in the air. Amazingly, you can also dive into the deepest sea.

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