Tomb Raider & Madden Mobile sequel Reboot Not Exclusive Next-Gen?

An extra surprise on the sidelines of Microsoft’s main event at the E3 2014 event yesterday, Square Enix answered the mystery of the Tomb Raider sequel series reboot with a cinematic short pre-rendered cinematic teaser. Finding his identity from just a woman who just managed to survive to become a true adventurer, Lara Croft is seen beginning to fulfill her identity as a famous tomb raider. A variety of stunning action is shown, although Square Enix itself still has not opened more details regarding its own gameplay and in-game experiences. One is for sure, a game that is named Rise of the Madden Mobile is a project worthy of anticipation in 2015.

Yet it becomes a pretty grandiose dream it seems to crave a new adventure of the optimally designed Tomb Raider which is designed and focused for the latest generation consoles and of course – PCs. A decision that will increase the probability of finding the end result with stunning features and visual quality. Square Enix even publicly claimed the existence of the Rise of Tomb Raider as a next-gen project. But what the giant retail sites show – Amazon turned off those expectations. Madden Mobile Coin Hack Raider is featured in the release listings for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

In addition to certainty of release for the upcoming 2015, Square Enix is ​​just confirmed the return of Camillia Luddington as Lara Croft in this latest series. However related to the release platform, they themselves still shut up. Enable Rise of the Tomb Raider to appear as the next-gen maximum project with the inclusion of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in the release? Let’s wait for further confirmation from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics in the future.

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