Watch Dogs 2 Will Optimize the Human Side of the NPC

The high anticipation that ends in quite a bit of disappointment, this phrase might be worth pinned to Ubisoft’s ambitious project which was finally released mid-year – Watch Dogs. Being anticipated and predicted to provide significant gameplay innovation in the open world genre, especially after the outstanding performance of GTA V from Rockstar, Watch Dogs actually looks full of gimmick that does not have much effect on the gameplay side. You who had read our review a few months ago of course understand this one thing. One of the things we complain about is the fact that all the information and get Roblox hack 2017 on  can get into words without meaning can not be acted upon. The same problem Ubisoft also needs to be fixed on Watch Dogs 2 later.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Jonathan Morin – the Creative Director expressed his desire to create a better story atmosphere of the NPC characters encountered by Aiden in Watch Dogs 2. The information obtained from the profiler will be further processed.
Ubisoft wants to make sure Pearce is able to take advantage of the information he gets from Profiler in Watch Dogs 2. Gamers will have a chance to steal money from wealthy politicians and channel them to single parents struggling with poverty.

The Player will have a chance to steal money from wealthy politicians to then be transferred to single parents who struggle against poverty, despite the fact that all of these NPC properties are available randomly. Through a system like this, NPC looks much more humane and will result in a much more unique and unprecedented experience of  Roblox hack. But Morin also admits that he must ensure that this mechanism does not run too scripted.

Of course this is still a concept. Morin himself did not confirm that the development process of Watch Dogs 2 was underway or not at Ubisoft headquarters. But this will be a concept that will try to make it happen later.

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